Tuesday , September 26 2017
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Daniel Obinim: Dear pastor, what kind of God talks to people over the phone?

Is God talking to pastors through phones now?

Obinim claims Jesus chats with him on Whatsapp while another has God’s number. What!!!

In May, 2017, Zimbabwean pastor, Paul Sanyangore, shocked the world when he claimed to have a direct line to Heaven!

According to the Victory World International Ministries Church pastor, he has God's number and can call whenever he wants.

He said, “I have a direct channel, actually I have His number and I can call Him when need arises.”


This month, it's Bishop Daniel Obinim who is also claiming to have the ability to communicate with a higher being with his phone.


In an interview with NsromaMedia, the General Overseer of International God’s Way Church revealed that Jesus Christ often discusses with him through Whatsapp. What!!!

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Weighing in on the controversial death of senior Army officer, Captain Maxwell Mahama, the pastor said a Whatsapp message from 'Jesus' stopped him from saving the young man.

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Okay, lets take a minute to process this information.

So, Christ communicates with Obinim through a messaging app, while his Zimbabwean counterpart has God's phone number. Wow. Officially mindblown.


Now that's over, lets go back to the facts (Hebrews 1:1-2).

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had direct access to God. He communicated with them directly (Genesis 3:8-9.) This was clearly forfeited when they left.

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Once this happened, God started to communicate at specific times, when it involved His plan for mankind. We see this when He talks to Noah about the flood, Abraham concerning his son, and other examples, all of them directly or indirectly dealing with God's plans for the world.

Based on this, what does calling God or speaking with Jesus on Whatsapp have to do with His redemptive plan for mankind? It just does not add up to me.


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Does this mean God can no longer talk to us in 2017? Absolutely not.

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He is still talking to us, through the Bible e.t.c, we just have to listen with faith and a discerning spirit (Jeremiah 29:13).

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